Platform Features

Forget huge development operations and costs. We’ve done all the hard work producing a premium Payment Gateway platform, accessed through a single integration. New payments solutions, risk management, KYC and a whole suite of back office applications help you manage your payment business in a commercially smart, secure and compliant way.

Accept Payments Securely
and Cost-Effectively

The MoneyMatrix Payment Gateway allows merchants to consolidate all client, risk, KYC and transactional data in the back office. Our transaction monitoring application, rules engine and workspaces create an intuitive work management process flow, allowing you to accept and process out payments efficiently.

As a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified processor, you can rest assured your data is encrypted to the highest standard. Security of your client data is our number one priority with dedicated Card Vault storage, and failover and disaster recovery.

Reduce Operational Costs
and Overhead

MoneyMatrix streamlines processing while reducing the need for manual intervention and customer friction.

  • Automatic Rules

    The real-time rules engine allows you to create and deploy automatic rules reducing the need for manual intervention.

  • Rules Simulator

    Not sure of the impact of your rule on your processing? Simulate it. We built our simulator for you to test your rules before publishing them, thereby ensuring they work just the way you intended.

Improve Conversion Rates
of Your Payment Solutions

We help clients optimise payment processing and increase sales opportunities. We strongly believe that there is always something to do in order to improve the customer journey and the conversion rate. Our credo is based on 3 main actions: Monitor, Adapt, Improve.

Keep an eye on what’s important

Merchants can keep an eye on what’s important and quickly view the performance and conversion rates of their payment solutions. With 20+ widgets to choose from and simple drag-and-drop interface, the Management Dashboard allows users to monitor volume, value and conversion rates with split by channel, country or transaction type.

Easily adapt to market changes

Merchants can customize the payment vendor mix to suit their specific needs per brand or per market, such as with different currencies, payment methods (i.e. credit/debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, prepaid, telecom, voucher, etc.), types of transaction (deposit vs withdrawal) permitted, or player spend limits.

Better user experience, better conversion rates

Merchants can easily customize the way payment solutions are displayed in the Hosted Cashier. Separate settings for deposits and withdrawals, payment solution order, custom logos per language (as long as they remain compliant), custom description and payment solution display name per language.

Transaction monitoring

Get everything you need in one place. Apart from real-time transaction monitoring, merchants can get both a high-level view of their processing portfolio and a detailed view through Workspaces.

  • Risk Management and KYC Data available in Real-time

  • Configurable and shared Workspaces for better operational management

  • Both MoneyMatrix and Vendor error messages for improved transparency

  • Process, Block, Refund or Flag for Review

Maximum efficiency

A workspace is a set of user preferences which consists of a list of specific columns and priority order. Multiple complex conditions can be applied to create in-depth filtering of transactions. A workspace is configurable per user and can be shared among other users.

Create workspaces for customer support agents, for risk and fraud agents, for monitoring specific vendors or countries, for monitoring VIP users, and more.

Payment processing is a critical part of any business strategy and the platform was designed to offer the needed information, to remove the significant operational cost and to improve the operators’ speed.

Any action that can be performed on a transaction can be applied from the Transaction Monitoring Application. Workspaces can also be created to filter based on applicable actions. Approve withdrawals with several stages of approval to fit your workflow: Capture, Review, Void, Refund, Reject, Cancel.

We believe it is vital to deliver the tools to manage businesses costs efficiently and effectively and to provide in-depth analysis to assist merchant to develop even further.

  • Full user account information
  • Verification and status of KYC and PEP/Sanction checks in the system
  • Transaction activity and details on transactions
  • Payment activity and transaction history
  • Rules that affected the processing of the transaction
  • Display, add, edit or delete manual notes related to the transaction
  • Detailed audit logs of both operator and system actions

Independent microservice allowing the automatic triggering of KYC, AML and anti-fraud processes. Seamlessly integrated with the MoneyMatrix payment platform, it gives you the multiple advantages of an all-inclusive solution.

Our platform includes AI-based identity verification or KYC (Know Your Customer) measures and we offer unique, complete, and global coverage.

MoneyMatrix is the business partner to grow your business with

Irrespective of the merchant’s size, experience and local or global reach, MoneyMatrix offers various ways to connect payments for your business.

  • Hosted Cashier Integration

    Our hosted payment pages give your online customers a seamless checkout experience across all devices. Your customers can deposit and withdraw money via various payment methods in a convenient way.

    customisable cashier
    Market tested user flows
    Instant activation of new solutions
    Level 1 compliant
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  • Direct API Integration

    Our Developer APIs allow merchants to connect directly to the MoneyMatrix platform and develop custom UIs to manage payment processes and requirements such as customers on-boarding, deposits or withdrawals.

    Any complexity
    of UI
    Low PCI DSS requirements
    Full control of user flow
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  • Integrations Accelerator API

    The Integrations Accelerator API gives Payment Providers open access to our Generic API, allowing them to integrate directly to our payment gateway with minimum involvement from our side.

    Take control of payment integrations
    Open access to Generic API
    Works for any alternative payment method
    Short integration time
    Stage environment testing available
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