Integrations Accelerator API (VENDOR)

The Integrations Accelerator API provides payment providers with open access to our Generic API, allowing them to integrate directly to our payment gateway with minimum involvement from our side.

  • Open access to MoneyMatrix’s generic API​
  • Flexibility to integrate whatever payment method(s) or vendors that the operator wishes​
  • No existing vendor relationship with MoneyMatrix required for integration​
  • Minimal reliance on the MoneyMatrix team ​
  • Reduces the time to new market entry and/or the integration of new payment vendors
  • Streamlines lead-up time for migrating and deploying the operator’s current vendor integrations (if there are no relationships between the vendors and MoneyMatrix already)​
  • Available for any Payment Service Provider (PSP) offering Alternative Payment Methods (APM’s) such as bank transfers and open banking, carrier billing, crypto, e-wallets, mobile payments, vouchers, etc.*​
Note: The Integrations Accelerator API is not available for credit card integrations.

Integration Flow

Integration Timeline

The integration length may vary depending on the complexity and technical resources
of the project but can take as little as one week to complete!

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