Payment Processing
for Small Businesses

When it comes to payment processing, we go beyond online gaming, coming up with solutions for all other small or medium businesses. Credit card processing, and other local and international payment methods are an integral part of your operations. You need simple, secure, and innovative payment solutions to cater to your unique business challenges.

Looking for Low-risk Payment Processing for Your Business?

MoneyMatrix for small and medium business merchant payment services offers the functionality and flexibility you need to take your business to the next level. You will have access to traditional and innovative online payment methods, accompanied by mobile and on-the-go solutions for the any sale events you might attend.

How difficult it is to get a Low-risk Merchant Account?

As a low-risk merchant, you need fast payment processing solutions to jump start your business right away. Financial institutions label a merchant’s payments risk under one of these categories: low, medium and high. Here are a few things that help you understand if you qualify for a low-risk merchant account:

  • Process less than EUR/USD 20,000 per month
  • You sell low-ticket products
  • You have a low credit card chargeback ratio

How can MoneyMatrix help with your Payment Processing?

No matter what type of business you run, payment processing should be an integral part of your operations. MoneyMatrix is here to tailor for you a flexible mix of global or local payment solutions.

  • Professional Services
    Professional Services

    If your business offers specialized services (accounting, engineering, legal services, architecture, etc.) or business support such as IT services or management advice, MoneyMatrix provides payment solutions tailored to your needs. We have a wide range of payment options that you can make available to your clients, including phone/invoice/online payments, card or voucher processing, and phone carrier billing.

  • Accommodation

    For any type of accommodation, from large resorts to family-run bed-and-breakfasts, MoneyMatrix has the right payment solutions. As hospitality experts, you know how important it is to personalize your guests’ journey. As payment experts, we are willing and able to make payments as flexible as you need. We can integrate our solutions with almost any website, to bring smooth and secure online payments to your customers.

  • Retail

    The retail industry is as diverse as it gets, and MoneyMatrix is ready to keep up the pace with it. Whether you prefer offline or online payments, we can provide your retail store with the smoothest and most reliable payment options. And we will also make sure your payment options never go out of style: you can opt to bring to your clients the latest payment solutions.

  • Restaurants

    If you run a restaurant, a fast food or a bar, you know how important it is to have the right items in your menu, to the taste of your clients. MoneyMatrix brings you a payment solutions menu that allows you to order the perfect options for your unique business. Would you like to try mobile payments, or to process different credit cards? We can bring any payment option to your table.

  • Automotive

    Just like it is your business to sell the right car to the right customer, or to fit the parts that allow the car to run smoothly, MoneyMatrix is the expert in finding the right payment solution for your needs. Make sure you keep on providing to your customers a perfect service from A to Z, by making payment processing a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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Why should you choose MoneyMatrix?

MoneyMatrix understands dynamic businesses and the payment processing solutions they need. We entered partnerships with various global and local acquiring banks and payment processors, to give you the perfect resources for your merchant account. We are the go-to specialists in securely and reliably processing online payments for your dynamic business.


    We help you get started fast. A single merchant agreement makes international payments simple, providing an extensive portfolio of payments methods, risk management and verification solutions

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    The MoneyMatrix platform aggregates payment, risk management and ‘Know Your Customer’ solutions allowing online businesses to process internationally and safely through a single integration.

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    Launching into new markets is fast and easy with swift automation tools for faster payment processing, real-time insights and improved customer experience, all packed into a single platform.

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