Payment Processing
for Real-money Gaming

MoneyMatrix is the reliable payments partner for iGaming merchants. Leveraging years of experience, we’re well acquainted with the unique risks of online gaming and we developed specialized services that enable you to successfully and securely manage your casino or sportsbook operation.

Looking for iGaming Payment Services?

MoneyMatrix is ready to provide the payment services that your iGaming business needs. Alongside credit and debit cards, alternative payment methods are on the rise and rapidly entering the iGaming industry. You’ll have access to traditional and innovative online payment methods, securely deployed by our specialists in high-risk merchant accounts. Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your transactions.

How Difficult Is It to Get a High-Risk
Merchant Account?

Make sure you have the right high-risk processing account for your business.

Considered high-risk merchants, iGaming businesses need to take into consideration the challenges that this brings along. The main concern is avoiding the closure of your merchant account, which can be decided by your bank often without notice. The bank can withhold your funds for extended amounts of time, even months, and you will not be able to collect deposits and ensure the cash flow for your business.

Why does this happen?

The bank’s underwriting and due diligence procedures are not a one-time-only process. All bank accounts are continuously reviewed and monitored for risks.

The iGaming industry comes with an intricate and challenging business model and high risks, making traditional banks even more reluctant to provide payment processing services to iGaming merchants.

High ratio of credit card chargebacks when compared to other industries

is one of the biggest challenges that online gaming merchants are facing. There are different reasons for the chargebacks, including claims of fraud, gambling laws and government regulations, and a higher likeliness to dispute high-ticket transactions.

Try fixing credit score issues, settling unpaid debts and have a solid liquid-assets portfolio.

This adds to the list of risks that financial institutions consider when dealing with an iGaming merchant account. What you can do to avoid these inherent challenges is to review all possible issues before applying for an iGaming merchant account.

How can MoneyMatrix help with iGaming Payment Processing?

Starting off on the right foot is the key to a successful, long-lasting merchant account and efficient payment processing.

As an expert in the industry of payment processing for high-risk merchants, MoneyMatrix can deliver a smooth opening and stress-free management of your merchant account. Knowing that your payment processing is in good hands gives you the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business, setting you up for success.

With our experience and expertise in the iGaming industry, we’ll deliver professional consultancy on the global or local payment solutions you need. Together, we can navigate any past challenges you might have encountered, such as a history of excessive chargebacks, credit score issues or drawbacks with other payment processors.

Why should you choose MoneyMatrix?

We understand iGaming businesses and the payment processing solutions they need. We entered partnerships with various global and local acquiring banks and payment processors, and we put in place AML, KYC and anti-fraud solutions that work side by side to give you holistic resources for your high-risk merchant account. We are the go-to specialists in securely and reliably processing online payments for your iGaming business.


    We help you get started fast. A single merchant agreement makes international payments simple, providing an extensive portfolio of payments methods, risk management and verification solutions

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    The MoneyMatrix platform aggregates payment, risk management and ‘Know Your Customer’ solutions allowing online businesses to process internationally and safely through a single integration.

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    Launching into new markets is fast and easy with swift automation tools for faster payment processing, real-time insights and improved customer experience, all packed into a single platform.

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