Pay N Play No Player Registration Innovation in Gaming Payments

MoneyMatrix announces its partnership with Trustly and launch of Pay N Play in its Payment Processing Platform. MoneyMatrix provides access to over 180 solutions.

Introducing Trustly’s Pay N Play technology via MoneyMatrix Platform

With Pay N Play, players can start playing their favorite games right away with one quick deposit from their bank account, without the need to fill out a lengthy registration form or extensive KYC process. Prioritizing the customer experience, MoneyMatrix is introducing the advanced technology of Pay N Play powered by Trustly, combined with the power of the MoneyMatrix platform.


  • Seamless user experience
  • Instant withdrawals
  • No registration requirements


  • Boost conversion & acquisition
  • Increase player’s loyality
  • Stay secure & compliant

Pay N Play operators see on average 44% more deposits per user

Trustly’s Pay N Play “no-registration” functionality enables players to enjoy their favorite games by making a deposit via their online bank while the system collects data available from the player’s bank account, thus simplifying the registration process.

At the same time, operators stay KYC compliant without needing to chase players for personal details as all this is captured and managed holistically, with other payment methods, through MoneyMatrix sophisticated back-office.

Pay N Play is available in Sweden, Finland & Germany, with more countries coming soon.

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